Why Us?

When the time is now for a small business loan, Prime Time Funding works for you!

Prime Time Funding believes in now. You’re a small business, maybe promoting a new service, investing in technology, increasing an order with a supplier to meet demand, or pumping up your marketing to avoid a stall. Whatever the need, you likely need it now. We’re a leading online provider of alternative lending solutions, based in Bucks County, Northeast of Philadelphia, PA.

Our dedicated and professional team networks with the top lenders to find you the very best option for your needs, quickly. Our dedicated funding specialists take pride in learning about your business, truly understanding your needs, using customized technology to bring you the results you are looking for in light speed. We offer exceptional personalized customer service that can deliver the working capital you need in as little as 24-48 hours.

How Are We Different

We don’t require a lengthy application process like the banks.

We’re able to quickly calculate a pre-qualified funding amount from a simple one page application and 3-4 months most recent business bank statements, it’s that simple. We can deliver the working capital needed in most cases, in less than 48 hours from signed contract.


We can work with just about every industry type.

From service industries like salons, spas, restaurants and hospitality, to retail, medical, construction, landscaping and more.


Nine out of 10 applicants are pre-approved.

If conventional lending is taking too long or you’re having trouble securing a loan, try Prime Time. You walk away with cash to invest in your business however you seem fit. There are no restrictions on how you use the funds and no collateral is required.

We have funding programs available for all credit scores ranging from just below 500 to near perfect! We’re a direct connection for working capital for the small to large size business looking to get to the next level.

 We can help you!!