Funding for all credit scores, from 450 to 700 to perfect. We offer Small Business Loans from $5,000 to $1,000,000

Business Cash Advance (BCA)

A business cash advance is an alternative means of increasing your business cash flow. It differs from a traditional bank loan in the following ways:

  • No APR percentage or interest rate–payback is based on a factor rate used to calculate the amount and payback schedule.
  • No monthly payment–instead, your business repays a cash advance on a daily basis, Monday through Friday, or weekly if qualified, through an auto withdrawal from your business checking account until the advance is paid. The payment amount is usually a very small % of your average daily balance, in many cases as low as 2-5%.

How it works:

Total payback is usually calculated by multiplying the principal funded by the factor rate. Daily payment is simply the payback divided by the advance time, or the number of days the payment will be withdrawn.

Merchant Cash Advance or Credit Card Split

Merchant cash advances, also known as credit card split, differs from traditional bank loans and business cash advances in that the remittance is tied to a small portion of your Visa MasterCard sales. Each time you batch out a small percentage will be taken to cover your payment.

  • Fees are based on a factor rate and payback is based upon a predetermined percentage of credit card batches that you run throughout each day.
  • In some cases, you are required to use a processor that has been pre-approved by the funder. We can help you switch or set up alternative structure if that’s the case.

How it works: The percentage is withheld every time a merchant batches out. Split percentage is typically somewhere between 9-30% of the batch, which is determined by the business risk score once you’ve submitted your application.

Unsecured Business Loan

What happens when you approach a bank for a loan with no collateral or with imperfect credit? Chances are pretty good you’ll be turned down. In today’s climate, traditional bank loans require assurances from the borrower in the form of collateral–hard assets, inventory or real estate.

  • Unsecured loans do not require your personal assets & in many cases a personal guarantee is not necessary.
  • Payback amounts for unsecured business loans can sometimes be higher than loans guaranteed with collateral, and they vary based on your business score and the lender who funds your loan.

How it works: It works faster! The reason unsecured business loans are attractive is the speed at which you can access capital. Our application is fast, you are scored and, if approved, you receive the cash quickly. Traditional banks could take up to six months for this process.

Secured Business Loan

When you think secured business loans, you think banks, right? Secured business loans through Prime Time Funding are specific loans & cash advances to support business growth through inventory, technology, supplies or expansions, but our loans are quicker, easier and our process more flexible.

  • With a secured business loan, collateral or a personal guarantee protect the lender from default.
  • Just as with bank loans, you’re held to a repayment schedule based upon the loan amount, duration of the loan and a business score to determine fees.